WINGTIPS are a Midwest-based electro pop duo consisting of Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon. The band’s sonics are best described as an androgynous sound of transition. Interpolating darkly shimmering layers of angular guitar and pulsating darkwave beats, WINGTIPS sharpen their anthemic rush with an increasing penchant for melody and an atmosphere equally informed by post-punk as sweeping electronica.

Their debut full-length, EXPOSURE THERAPY released in 2019, is a contextualization of new romantic for post-millennial end times, and a refreshing mix of synthpop and darkwave with hooks so compelling they are cinematic in scope. In September 2021, WINGTIPS released their sophomore LP, CUTTING ROOM FLOOR. The record is a momentous shift from a previous stylistically darkwave approach into a realm of maximalist dark pop, and even techno body music, while also maintaining many of the sonic textures from whence the band came.

In 2024, WINGTIPS will release their third full-length record, ON TRIAL. Featuring collaborations with the likes of TIM CAPPELLO (The Lost Boys, Tina Turner Band), and the cutting edge New York-based RONNIE STONE, the album is yet another evolutionary shift for the band into an even more advanced musical identity. Tonally, the dichotomy between tracks marks the furthered maturity of WINGTIPS’ approach to their unique blend of dark dance music, and texturally lush dream pop. The album also marks the first release where the entirety of recording, mixing, and post-production was completed by the band themselves, maintaining a core ethos that DIY is key to precisely communicating artistic language.

Responsible Agent: Jack Long

Territory: North America