Strange Cities

San Francisco post punk band Strange Cities was formed from the ashes of several Bay Area bands. Featuring former members of In Letter Form, Murder of Lillies, NRVS LVRS, and Upstairs Downstairs. Drawing on influences such as Echo and the Bunnymen, The Chameleons, & JAMC, Strange Cities’ sound also reflects the foggy, jagged, industrial landscape that inspired their name. Whether stitching up pieces of a broken past or reflecting on an unknown future, their music skirts the fringe of noise and nihilism, melodic and melancholic, tragedies and trajectories. A post-post punk if you will.

With Daniel Nakazo Clark (vocals and guitar), James Levis (guitar), Clayton Vorheis (bass) and Dan Caporale (drums).

Responsible Agent: Jack Long

Territory: North America

Responsible Agent: Dana McDonald

Territory: UK + Europe