Ecce Shnak

There’s a fine line between wild-eyed, inspired genius and utter, irrepressible insanity, and that’s where you’ll find ECCE SHNAK (pronounced Eh-kay sh-knock), teetering fearlessly on a tightrope far above their contemporaries. In anticipation of a new EP, Shadows Grow Fangs – their first new music since 2019 – David Roush brings his extraordinary band back to the stage, shattering all notions of genre, frequently within a single tune, while addressing weighty themes and notable trivia alike. The forthcoming ‘Jeremy, Utilitarian Sadboy’, for instance – about Jeremy Bentham, the 19th Century English philosopher whose skull is kept on display at the University of London – effortlessly combines math-metal, post-rock and choral anthems in just 150 seconds, while ‘Stroll With Me’ is a minstrel-esque ballad and ‘Prayer On Love’ a slow-burning meditation on the nature of love as well as an ode to its indispensable nature. Provocative and entertaining in equal, lavish measures, ECCE SHNAK are as vividly cartoonish as they are intellectually compelling, defying all earthly expectations.

Responsible Agent: Jack Long

Territory: North America