Delores Galore

“Delores Galore is a New Orleans based artist fusing synth melodies of the past, present, and future into very personal and relatable ballads of self-expression. Live performances mirror the same emphatic energy and unique fusion of styles & influences .

Galore’s album “New Growth” gave us 5 tracks of lush, varied synth pop goodness. Her hit single “One Touch” caught the eye of the notable Acid Waxa and the full EP was reissued on the UK electronic label giving her productions some well-deserved international shine.

Their latest project “Don’t Get It Twisted” was released by the stateside reputable New Orleans-based label Community Records. The 5-tracker, “Don’t Get It Twisted” reflects Galore’s battle with everyday obstacles and the drive to push forward with resilience and strength.” -Samiul Haque

Responsible Agent: Jack Long

Territory: North America